Peer phone

Peer phone offers a chance to talk with a former problem gambler or with a concerned significant other.

Peers, both PG's and CSO's, have solved their own problems and are now willing to offer their experience-based support to others in need.

At the moment there are 8 different PG-peers and 4 different CSO-peers. We try to find a person who have similar experiences, life situation etc so that you would have

We've got good feedback from clients who have taken advantage of this opportunity

”Talking in a phone helped a lot"

”Conversation gave strenght and confidence: I'm not alone and I have a chance to survive from this crisis”

Peer-PG's (8 persons)

  • women and men with different ages
  • Have stopped gambling / got gambling under control several years ago
  • Also one PG with digital gaming problem (not gambling problem)
  • most of them like to speak only finnish on a phone, but one of them's mother tongue is Swedish

Peer-CSO's (4 persons)

  • Parents & spouses who have suffered of their significant other's gambling problem.
  • One of them speaks fluent english

Got interested? Reserve a call by:

  1. Call to Peluuri helpline: 0800 100 101 (weekdays noon to 6 pm): let's find a suitable peer for you together.
  2. or fill this form. Pelirajat'on-worker will contact you by phone and find a "phone peer" for you.

Peerphone is produced in co-operation with Peluuri, Pelirajat'on & Tiltti.