Peluuri - Gambling helpline

Peluuri is a whole of services directed towards problem gamblers, their relatives and those who face problem gambling in their work. Peluuri offers support, information and consultation services on a helpline, the Internet and via sms.

The services Peluuri has to offer include:

  •     Helpline (open every weekday from noon to 6 pm. The helpline number 0800 100 101 is toll free. Peluuri Helpline offers service primarily in Finnish)
  •     eCounselling advice service on the Internet
  •     the discussion forums Valtti and Tuuletin on the Internet
  •     Pelivoimapiiri (Gambling Power Circle), which is a service offering peer support, self-help and professional help via sms and the Internet
  •     the Peli Poikki (Time to Fold) program, which is an Internet based service that helps and supports problem gamblers via self-studies, professional help and peer support
  •     the Web site

All these services are available nationwide, free of charge and anonymous.

Peluuri started on 2004 as a pilot project. After the pilot, the service was made permanent in 2007.

The service is provided by two Finnish associations: the A-Clinic Foundation and Sininauhaliitto - The Finnish Blue Ribbon. They are both non-profit organizations for improving social welfare.

Peluuri Helpline is funded by the National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) and the Finnish state-licensed gaming organizations: Fintoto Oy/Horse Betting company, RAY/The Finnish Slot Machine Association and Veikkaus Oy/The Finnish National Lottery.

Peluuri as a part of Gambling Clinic
During the year of 2010, Peluuri became a part of the Gambling Clinic (Peliklinikka). Gambling Clinic is a cooperative whole of services for problem gamblers. It gathers different governmental, municipal and organizational operators as well as problem gambling related projects and services together under the same roof. The purpose of the Clinic is to reduce and prevent gambling problems.

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