Kick-Start Change – English speaking guided peer support group starts!

Kick-Start Change – online guided peer support group starts in 4 March 2019

  • This group is for you, if you are interested in either stopping your gambling or restraining it.
  • The group consists of 6 weeks of intensive, online assignments, peer support and guidance.
  • A gaming counsellor from Peluuri guides the group together with a trained peer support person, who has been through and recovered from his/her own gambling problem.
  • Kick-Start Change group consists of a theme based, weekly discussion in relation to recovery.
  • To participate, please note that activity in the group process is required throughout the    6-week program.
  • There is room for 20 participants, and places will be filled according to order of enrollment.
  • The group is free of charge.

Do you want to know more?

Call Peluuri gambling helpline fo free 0800 100 101, every weekday from 12 noon to 6 pm

Or go to OmaPeluuri (in English)

How do I enter Kick-Start group?

  • Sign up for OmaPeluuri on
  • You´ll find link ”Kick-Start Change from 4 March 2019” in ”Ryhmät” section
  • To enter, klick the link

You'll find the registration instructions in English below

or here on OmaPeluuri in English

OmaPeluuri is your easily accessible source of peer support - online

OmaPeluuri offers peer support chat rooms and groups online. You can access the service anywhere and at any time that suits you to read, give support and receive support back by communicating with the other participants and a gambling counsellor from Peluuri.
The service itself is unfortunately in Finnish, but with the attached, easy description with pictures, you'll be ready to explore the site in no time. Welcome!